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Famous Grouse The Whisky Exchange

In 1860, his son, William Gloag, took over the company. Following the Great French Wine Blight the company began to look at creating its own blended whiskies around 1875. In 1896, William’s nephew, Matthew Gloag (1850-1912), took over the family business. He created a new blended brand called The Grouse in 1896. at this time the company was still operating from the grandfather’s premises but had expanded to occupy adjacent shops, jointly covering 20 to 26 Atrhiole street. In 1905 the limited company of Matthew Gloag & son was formed and the Grouse was renamed The Famous Grouse in the same year. Matthew Gloag’s daughter Phillippa first designed the label’s grouse icon. Only at this point did the company move to new purpose-built premises on Kinnoull Street.

Marilynn Phillips

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