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20 Very Funny Birthday Animal Pictures And Images

Charles M. Schulz’s dog character Snoopy from Peanuts and the title cat character of Jim Davis’s comic strip Garfield are non-speaking pet characters, so are not funny animals by the above definition; however they both came to develop some funny animal-like traits. They both were initially depicted as quadrupedal, but became increasingly bipedal and anthropomorphic as the respective strips progressed. Snoopy In particular started out as an entirely quadrupedal character in 1950, and was not depicted with any thought balloon dialogue at all; but by the late 1960s he frequently expressed his thoughts with thought balloons, and was frequently shown walking on two legs, writing books, playing baseball as a shortstop, and sometimes wearing some clothes when he indulged in his various fantasy lives. A significant example of the latter trait is Snoopy’s pretend college student persona, Joe Cool, which first featured in a 1971 strip; as Joe Cool, Snoopy wears a sweater and sunglasses.

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